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BOOK LAUNCH: 'While nothing lasts,' by Edward Cushenberry
3:00 PM15:00

BOOK LAUNCH: 'While nothing lasts,' by Edward Cushenberry

Please join us at Visitor Welcome Center for the launch While nothing lasts,—a book of photographs by Edward Cushenberry.

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While nothing lasts,
from 65.00


Essay by Oriana Koren


ISBN 978-1-950615-99-5

Releasing at Visitor Welcome Center in Los Angeles on July 27 2019.

9.5" x 12.75" x .625", 120 pages, photographs and text printed on a HP Indigo 12000 HD.

Japanese silk cloth covers, foil stamped on front and spine, tipped in print on back.

Printed and bound in Chicago. 

Cased and foil stamped at Candor Arts.

Special Edition of 10 (coming soon) designed by Matt Austin and Hannah Batsel.


While nothing lasts, is a collection of intimate and sometimes intrusive photographs of my very close friends and family. This project started four years ago at a party, when I made a picture of my friend crying after she told me she wanted to break up with her boyfriend. After that night, I felt compelled to document every moment of my friends' and family's lives—the good and the bad. I wanted to do this to better understand how we collectively cope with life, love, heartbreak and death. Since this project began, I have seen friendships come and go, been witness to pursuits of love, moments of intimacy, joy, and self-reflection, seen rejected inhibitions, consequences of actions, loved ones facing their own mortality while lying in hospital beds. These moments have been lessons in how nothing really lasts, helping me to embrace life as it is. Throughout these experiences, I have found life to have a tendency to be beautiful.


Edward Cushenberry is a multidisciplinary artist who was born and raised in Orange County, CA. He now lives and works in Los Angeles, where he splits his time between photographing those who are close to him and drawing everything else that's going on in his world.


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Go Down Moses Opening Reception
5:00 PM17:00

Go Down Moses Opening Reception

The exhibition Go Down Moses is guest curated by Teju Cole. An acclaimed writer, photographer, and critic, Cole is the former photography critic of the New York Times Magazine and is currently the Gore Vidal Professor of the Practice of Creative Writing at Harvard University. This is his first major curatorial project.

Go Down Moses presents a reinterpretation of the MoCP’s permanent collection that can be understood as a visual tone poem of contemporary America, exploring elemental themes of movement, chaos, freedom, and hope. In doing so, Cole uses the photographic archive to interweave the past and present, suggesting an aesthetic approach to understanding the current psyche.  He writes:

Questions of liberation tend to interleave the present and the past. What is happening now is instinctively assessed with the help of what happened before, and both despair and hope are tutored by memory. The old Negro spiritual “Go Down Moses,” beloved by Harriet Tubman and generations since, sought to link the black American freedom quest with the story of ancient Israel’s struggle to be free of Pharaoh’s bondage.

Humanity is on the move. The ground beneath our feet is shifting, the skies cannot be relied upon, and even our own bodies bear the marks of the strain. Everyone is longing to be free, and everyone is curious about whether hope is still possible. The photographic archive contains evidence that thus it ever was, that we have always lived in this urgency.

Through an intuitive sequence of photographs, in images soft and loud, this exhibition proposes a redefinition: that hope has nothing to do with mood or objective facts, but is rather a form of hospitality offered by those who are tired to those who are exhausted.

The MoCP is supported by Columbia College Chicago, the MoCP Advisory Board, the Museum Council, individuals, and private and corporate foundations. The 2018-2019 exhibition season is generously sponsored by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the Illinois Arts Council Agency, the City of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE), the Efroymson Family Fund, and the Philip and Edith Leonian Foundation. Go Down Moses has been generously underwritten by Lannan Foundation.

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Book Launch: Ma(s)king Her: Black Feminist Futures - Second Edition
6:00 PM18:00

Book Launch: Ma(s)king Her: Black Feminist Futures - Second Edition

Please join us with Honey Pot Performance to celebrate the release of the second edition of Ma(s)king Her: Black Feminist Futures.

Featuring readings from Honey Pot Performance, special guests Stacey Gibson, Aymar Jean Christian, Jennifer Ligaya, Patricia Nguyen, and more!

Program begins at 6:30pm and will run for 35-40 minutes.

Ma(s)king Her (2016) is a dance theater work addressing the absence of women of color in speculative fiction as empowered future beings and journeywomen. Aligned with AfroSurrealism and Black feminist thought, this modern folktale emphasizing the urgency of creating alternative worlds and economies of value and need, particularly for women of color in a world that often subjugates their collective presence to silence and/or invisibility. The artist book documents the work. It includes the script with illustrations, contributed essays, artist reflections, and a workshop curriculum derived from the creative process.

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Ma(s)king Her: Black Feminist Futures (paperback)



6.5" x 8" x .625"

212 pages

Released: JANUARY 1, 2019.

Foil Stamped cover, spine, and back cover on soft-touch paper.  

Perfect bound.

Second Edition paperback.

ISBN: 978-0-9968161-7-5

Edition of 200.

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Book Launch: deviant proposals: AN ANTI-BINARY JOURNAL by Matthew Anderson
7:30 PM19:30

Book Launch: deviant proposals: AN ANTI-BINARY JOURNAL by Matthew Anderson

Please join us for the release of deviant proposals: AN ANTI-BINARY JOURNAL compiled by Matthew Anderson.

Saturday, April 13th at Leiminspace gallery in Chinatown

7:30 pm - 10 pm

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Candor Arts is thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of deviant proposals: AN ANTI-BINARY JOURNAL, a book compiled by artist and filmmaker Matthew Anderson.

This book will be released in conjunction with the LA Art Book Fair at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA from April 11-14. You can find it at the Candor Arts table: L10.


Matthew Anderson’s deviant proposals: AN ANTI-BINARY JOURNAL is a collection of works by queer artists from around the globe. The project was born out of Anderson’s struggle to feel fully connected to the queer community in Los Angeles. By turning to his international peers, this journal came into existence. The project began when Anderson compiled “ruminations and provocations by queer persons with a deep need to act / think / feel in opposition to strict binary systems according to (but not limited by) sexuality, gender, performance or identity.” The numerous contributing artists were given the freedom to submit work in any written format focusing on pondering the many questions that may have crossed their paths in relation to anti-binary modes of life, and its inherent provocation of the existing mainstream narratives and discourse. Anderson’s artist book creates a physical space where different voices of queerness converse, coexist and thrive.


Matthew Anderson is an artist and filmmaker currently living and working in Los Angeles. His work centers around multiplicity of perspectives and queer experience. He is the creator of ‘deviant proposals’ and writer and director of the feature film Baja Come Down. His film work also includes short, experimental and documentary projects which have shown internationally across Europe, Australia, North and South America. He is co-creator of Shadow Kitchen, a Los Angeles filmmaker collaborative, and co-creator of the LA Cinema Calendar. He holds a BFA from Chapman University.

Image © Matthew Anderson



At this moment in time, Ambrose DuPree is a tiny but mighty Black queer

and genderqueer individual who is from and currently works in Columbus,

OH. They are also fortunate to consider (and want to thank) the many

friends, family, art and community spaces they’ve encountered around

the globe that they call home. They are a filmmaker by trade and an

operations wizard by practice.


Erin Pike is a queer performance artist and writer with a flair for the

feminist, political, and absurd. She is a Simon Rockower Award winner.


Holly M. Crawford is an artist, educator, and lycanthrope living and

working in Los Angeles. Holly works predominantly in collage and uses

found imagery and paper to explore play, magic, and identity. Holly has

exhibited at leiminspace in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Municipal Art

Gallery, The Main Museum, The Nomadic Werewolf Museum, and the

Maryland Institute College of Art.


Judit Kis is a an emerging artist based in Budapest and Berlin. She

received her MA Intermedia Art degree in 2015 at the Hungarian

University of Fine Arts, where she also graduated from Fine Art Theory

and Curating. She also attended Chelsea College of Art and Design and

participated in short residencies and workshops internationally.

In 2016 she had a solo show ‘I Have Never Happened’ at Topic in

Geneva and her works have exhibited in art galleries and institutions

in London, Berlin, Stuttgart, Aarhus and Tallinn. Her works explore

the possibilities of integrating her continuously constructed identity

into society and documenting the stretching of her boundaries when

presented with existential problems or emotionally difficult situations.

Her videos are illustrations of her writings, thoughts and personal

improvement. Her practice is not only a self-healing process, but it

also allows the audience to discover familiar patterns within their own

life experiences concerning human relations and love affairs.


Peter Kalisch is a visual/performance artist based in Los Angeles,

CA. His work attempts to point light to the postmodern condition of

disconnection from shared values, lived intimacy, human connection,

and our physical bodies. His relationship to performance as a medium

comes from the cathartic nature of reconnecting with his physical

vulnerability after a lifetime of upbringing in a first-world capitalist

environment. His work is an attempt at self-awareness and criticality,

an encouragement to others to remove themselves from the pattern

of self-victimization which is so apparent in our society. He promotes

authenticity, vulnerability, honesty and freedom, with an often political

and philosophical edge.


Rachel Elizabeth Jones is a writer and artist currently based in

Vermont. As a writer, she has contributed to publications including

Hyperallergic, The New Inquiry, and the Los Angeles Review of Books.

As an artist, she works to create experience and exchange through

objects, with an inclination towards practices of gleaning, physical and

spiritual reclamation, and concepts of apocalypse. She is also a co-organizer

with nomadic curatorial initiative Overnight Projects.


Savio Debernardis is a multimedia artist and film director currently

living and working in Berlin. His work in essay, video-art, performance

and film, has been shown in institutions and festivals in Europe and

North America. He holds degrees in Art History and Archeology from

the University of Sorbonne Paris-IV, in Fine Art at the Ecole Nationale

Supérieure des Arts de Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC) and continues in studies

in film direction at the Konrad Wolf University of film in Babelsberg.


Valentin Noujaïm is a young filmmaker/screenwriter living in Paris,

with Lebanese and Egyptian roots. His work mostly includes fiction &

documentary narratives on 8mm, DV or digital media. His movies often

concern misfits in dystopian and fantastic worlds, always linked with

sexuality & race.

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AIPAD NYC - The Photography Show
to Apr 7

AIPAD NYC - The Photography Show

The Photography Show Continues at Pier 94

One of the world's most prestigious annual photography events, The Photography Show is the longest-running and foremost exhibition dedicated to the photographic medium, offering a wide range of museum-quality work, including contemporary, modern, and 19th-century photographs as well as photo-based art, video, and new media.


Exhibitors from Around the World

The Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD) will hold the 39th edition of The Photography Show April 4-7, 2019, again at Pier 94. Nearly 100 of the world’s leading fine art photography galleries will present a range of museum-quality work including contemporary, modern, and 19th century photographs, photo-based art, video, and new media. There will be an opening preview of the Show on April 3, 2019.

The Photography Show continues to feature galleries from around the world, including the U.S., Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, and South America. The Show offers work from both AIPAD members and new exhibitors, as well as younger galleries, and book dealers and publishers.

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to Mar 24


For the second year running, Foto Mercado is a 3-day exhibition and market celebrating the traditions and physical aspects of printed photography. Prints, zines and books will be on sale through local and national artists and vendors with an accompanying exhibition in the Gallery. Curated by Adam Jason Cohen and ZINEmercado (Oscar Arriola and CHema Skandal).

March 22nd: opening exhibition and preview party, 6–9pm.
March 23-24: market, 11am–6pm

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'In the Company of Black' solo exhibition by Cecil McDonald, Jr.
to Apr 14

'In the Company of Black' solo exhibition by Cecil McDonald, Jr.

  • Chicago Cultural Center (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Location: Chicago Rooms, 2nd Floor North

Over the course of seven years, artist and educator Cecil McDonald, Jr. photographed people he describes as “extraordinarily ordinary.” As the artist explains, “When it comes to Black people, America is fascinated with extreme poles: either showing victims of violence, pain, and poverty (Black misery) or famous athletes and entertainers, and icons of popular culture (Black exceptionalism). This false dichotomy denies Black people the individuality and full spectrum of humanity that is so readily offered to the white population in this country." The photographs of In the Company of Black live in the space between, including tender moments with McDonald's daughters, informal portraits of his friends and collaborators and references to music, art, history and popular culture.

Additional Programming:

Thursday, February 7, 12:15–1pm: Gallery Talk with Curator Greg Lunceford

Sunday, April 14, 2–5pm: Closing with House Music DJ

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Ka-Man Tse — Aperture Portfolio Prize Opening Reception
7:00 PM19:00

Ka-Man Tse — Aperture Portfolio Prize Opening Reception

Each of Ka-Man Tse’s carefully orchestrated images suggests an oblique narrative. Her protagonists appear in quiet moments of introspection: A young woman leans contemplatively over the railing of a curved bridge. Two men embrace in a moment of connection contrasted against the imposing Hong Kong skyline, spiked with vertiginous towers. A gender-nonconforming individual regards themself in a mirror that doubles their likeness—suggesting the complexity of identity and that we all contain many selves. If each image offers a fragment of a narrative, rendered in luminous light and subtle casts of color, Tse’s series as a whole is grounded in concrete concerns.

The artist’s focus is on the intersection of Asian and Pacific Islander and LGBTQ communities. As she writes in her project statement, “In the contested and contingent spaces in the home, in the public realm, occupying a space and a conversation is an act. Possibilities start with small gestures, clear or coded. . . . They are made out of a need to occupy the landscape, space, and frame.” By using film and a view camera, Tse has chosen a slow, deliberative process. The care with which she makes her images and regards her subjects—who collaborate in the act of picture making—is self-evident. They appear luminous in their bedrooms or outside in New York and Hong Kong’s public spaces. Conversation is an act, yes. But here, in these restrained images, it is the act of framing and photographing her own community, on their own terms, as they wish to be seen, that brings her friends and subjects into incandescent visibility.

Ka-Man Tse is a photographer, video artist, and educator. She received an MFA from Yale University and a BA from Bard College, and has exhibited her work at the Lianzhou Foto Festival, Guangdong, China; Para Site and Lumenvisum, Hong Kong; the 2016 Hong Kong Contemporary Film Festival; and Videotage’s Both Sides Now III: Final Frontiers, in Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, and the UK. In the US, her work has been shown at the Museum of Chinese in America, New York; the Bronx Museum of the Arts; the New York Public Library; the Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, California; Cornell University, Ithaca, New York; Capricious gallery, New York; the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center; the Silver Eye Center for Photography, Pittsburgh; and the Eighth Veil, Los Angeles. Tse was a SPARC artist in residence through the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and completed the Artist in the Marketplace Program through the Bronx Museum of the Arts. She is the recipient of the 2014–15 Robert Giard Fellowship, and a 2017–18 Yale University Fund for Lesbian and Gay Studies Research Award. In spring 2018, her photographs were featured in Queering Space at Alfred University, Alfred, New York, and at the WMA Masters exhibition, Transition, in Hong Kong, and she is cocurating Daybreak: New Affirmations in Queer Photography at the Leslie-Lohman Museum, New York, opening in June 2018. Tse’s first monograph, narrow distances, will be published by Candor Arts in July 2018. She teaches at Yale University and Parsons. Visit her website at

About the Aperture Portfolio Prize
The purpose of the Aperture Portfolio Prize is to identify high-quality work by new voices in contemporary photography. When choosing the first-prize winner and runners-up, Aperture’s editorial and curatorial staff look for innovative bodies of work that haven’t been widely seen in major publications or exhibition venues.

The Portfolio Prize is open to Aperture magazine print subscribers, for more information about the prize, visit

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Holiday Photo Book Bazaar
5:00 PM17:00

Holiday Photo Book Bazaar

  • Museum of Contemporary Photography (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Join us for a special celebration of photography books. Local photographers of note including Barbara Diener, Jess T. Dugan, Dave Jordano, Laura Letinsky, Cecil McDonald, Jr., Melissa Pinney, and Michael Schmelling will be at the MoCP to discuss and sign their newly released books.

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Chicago Art Book Fair
to Nov 18

Chicago Art Book Fair

  • Chicago Athletic Association Hotel (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The Chicago Art Book Fair began last year as an experiment in showcasing emerging directions and diverse legacies within small press arts publishing. The fair featured an international group of 125 arts publishers, small presses, book artists, comics artists, zinemakers and printmakers, with satellite programming and after parties. To our delight, our first effort made a splash with over 6,000 guests in attendance. In 2018, we look forward to bringing even more of Chicago's people together with another fantastic roster of artist vendors. The Chicago Art Book Fair will once again convene at the historic Chicago Athletic Association, and shall remain free and open to the public.

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Silver Eye Book Fair
to Nov 3

Silver Eye Book Fair

  • Silver Eye Center for Photography (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The annual Silver Eye Book Fair includes a curated selection of innovative publishers and the launch of the new Spaces Corners Reading Room. The Book Fair celebrates artists creating beautiful, strange, and utterly unique photobooks. Browse the fair Friday and Saturday to build or start your collection and find holiday gifts for the art and photography lovers on your list.

Fair Program, Sat, Nov 3

1pm Book Signing: Duane Michals, Empty New York
2pm Panel Discussion & Signing: Pittsburgh's Women Photobook Artists, Sue Abramson, Melissa Catanese, Anastasia Davis, and Alisha B. Wormsley

Book Fair Publishers & Artists

Candor Arts Candor Arts publishes books about life, learning, and healing. Operating on the basis of open and honest communication, the collective efforts of the organization are rooted in the support of its affiliated authors and collaborators. Specializing in handmade artist book editions, Candor Arts produces an expanding range of design and print projects driven by each artist's vision.

Deadbeat Club
Deadbeat Club is an independent publishing group dedicated to the production of small run & limited edition publications rooted in contemporary photography, curated by Clint Woodside.

Flat Space
Flat Space Studio is a Durham, North Carolina based digital print studio and publishing imprint. We specialize in the creation of archival, museum quality prints on a range of material surfaces. Our other focus is on producing affordable, limited edition artist books. Flat Space was founded in 2015 by Ben Alper & Josh Shaw.

My Idea of Fun
My Idea of Fun is an art and music archive focused on digital preservation of media and work with roots in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Spaces Corners Founded in 2011, Spaces Corners is an artist-run bookstore and project space based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The bookstore stocks a rotating selection of new photography books from some of the world’s leading independent and small press publishing houses. In 2013, Spaces Corners launched it’s own imprint to further collaborate with artists, institutions and collections.

Sue Abramson/Fstop Gspot
During the Silver Eye book fair Sue Abramson will release her new book, A Woodlands Journal; a collection of photographs that follows her forty year relationship, with light, loss, chaos and place. Essay by David Oresick and book design by Elana Schlenker. Proceeds from the book sale support Silver Eye's exhibtions program. Her booth will also feature Fstop Gspot’s Speculum F**k tote bags express outrage and frustration towards attacks on women's reproductive rights. The profits from the sale of these items are donated to local and national reproductive health care organizations.

Studio Elana Schlenker
Studio Elana Schlenker is a multidisciplinary graphic design practice lead by Elana Schlenker. Collaborating with organizations, artists, and photographers they specialize in visual identities, interactive work, and printed matter. Beyond commissioned projects, they publish Gratuitous Type, an occasional magazine of graphic design featuring interviews and projects from leading creatives, and run Less Than 100, a traveling pop up shop dedicated to achieving gender wage parity.

Visual Studies Workshop Press
Founded by Joan Lyons in 1971, VSW Press has been foundational for the field of artists’ books through consistently publishing books by artists and providing resources for criticism and collections. VSW Press publishes books by artists, often in connection with work produced as part of our artist residency programs. Each title is made in collaboration with the artist in limited and open editions.

Wilt Press
Wilt press is an art book press and music label run by Dylan Hausthorand and Paul Guilmoth on Peaks Island, Maine. They run a biannual-ish magazine called wilt that features regional and international artists that is widely distributed. They are currently in production with issue #3.

Zatara Press
Zatara Press is an independent, small press, photography book publishing company created in 2014 by Andrew Fedynak, to give a voice to a variety of projects through the medium of unique “Artist’s Styled Photobooks.”

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Ka-Man Tse: Artist Talk and Book Signing
6:30 PM18:30

Ka-Man Tse: Artist Talk and Book Signing

Artist Talk with Ka-Man Tse will be moderated by Herb Tam, Curator and Director of Exhibitions, a book signing will follow.  

Thursday November 1, 2018


Those who have pre-ordered / purchased a book can get in for free.

Event Information

Facebook RSVP

The Museum of Chinese in America

215 Centre St, New York, NY 10013

The museum is pay as you wish on the first Thursday evening of the month.

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Vancouver Art Book Fair
to Oct 21

Vancouver Art Book Fair

  • Emily Carr University of Art + Design (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Free and open to the public, VABF is a multi-day festival of artists’ publishing featuring over one hundred local, national and international publishers, as well as a diverse line-up of programs, performances and artists’ projects.

Featured artists travel to Vancouver from across Canada and the globe, and produce everything from books, magazines, zines and printed ephemera to digital, performative or other experimental forms of publication.

Canada’s first art book fair, VABF is the longest-running international art book fair in the country. In 2017 the event is anticipated to attract more than 5,000 visitors from across the Greater Vancouver Area and beyond.

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Ka-Man Tse at Filter Photo: Artist Talk and Book Signing
1:00 PM13:00

Ka-Man Tse at Filter Photo: Artist Talk and Book Signing

  • Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Ka-Man Tse describes her image-making as beginning from that tension between longing and belonging, place and placelessness. In her book narrow distances, published by Candor Arts, she is asking questions of home, identity, community, and subject-hood. What does it mean to look, who has the right to look, what does it mean to be seen? Tse’s photographs address a desire to negotiate multiple and diasporic identities and are made within the intersection of Asian and Pacific Islander (API) and LGBTQ communities and made through a queer lens.

The photographs aim to establish a sense of possibility in the context of a contingent, post-colonial, pre-2047 Hong Kong in constant flux and transition. The book opens with images from the decommissioned airport, Kai Tak, and from those pictures, emerge the portraits.  Possibilities start with small gestures, clear or coded.   The project places the protagonists within and against the landscape. The portraits center those who are often marginalized and invisibilized, taking care of Hong Kong, each other and their own communities they have built, occupying and queering space, time, and gesture. In the contested and contingent spaces in the home, in the public realm, occupying a space and a conversation is an act.

Tse will be signing copies of narrow distances after the talk.  Books will be available for sale.

Ka-Man Tse (b. Kowloon, Hong Kong) is a photographer, video artist, and educator.  She received an MFA from Yale University and a BA from Bard College.  She has exhibited her work at the Lianzhou Foto Festival in Guangdong, China; Para Site in Hong Kong, the 2016 Hong Kong Contemporary Film Festival, and Videotage’s Both Sides Now III – Final Frontiers in Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, and the U.K.   U.S. shows include the Museum of Chinese in America in New York, NY, the Bronx Museum of the Arts; the Palm Springs Art Museum, Cornell University, Capricious Gallery, the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, and the Eighth Veil in Los Angeles.  She has mounted solo shows at Lumenvisum in Hong Kong, the Silver Eye Center for Photography in Pittsburgh, PA, and the New York Public Library, Mulberry Street Branch. She was a SPARC Artist-in-Residence through the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and completed the Artist in the Marketplace Program through the Bronx Museum of Arts.   She is the recipient of the 2014-2015 Robert Giard Fellowship and a 2017-2018 Research Award from Yale University Fund for Lesbian and Gay Studies.    Her photographs have appeared in Monocole, Papersafe Magazine, Newspaper, GR-09022017 published by Skreid in Oslo, Norway, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Capricious Magazine, O Magazine, Performa 07: Everywhere and All at Once, Salon, Huffington Post, Slate, Hyphen Magazine, Time Out New York, Time Out Hong Kong, and Ming Pao.  Tse is the winner of the 2019 Aperture Portfolio Prize. She currently teaches at Yale University and at Parsons School of Design.

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EXPO Chicago
to Sep 30

EXPO Chicago

  • Navy Pier Festival Hall A (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

EXPO Editions + Books showcases a cross-section of established and emerging artists. From limited editions to publications, the exhibitors offer a diverse array of print media and object-based practices that span across photography, sculpture, and monographs, and other multiples.

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AMFM's FEAST in Douglas Park
1:00 PM13:00

AMFM's FEAST in Douglas Park

AMFM Presents FEAST - A festival in three courses for a cause.

Join us at Douglas Park for Feast, the third and final installament of this summer series festival!

Feast, an art, music and food festival will be the largest of the three! 


Performances by

Solo Sam
Matt Muse
Chai Tulani
Shawnee Dez
Bonita Appleblunt_
Tamarie T. and The Elektra Kumpany
Lester Rey
Ryan Alexander Foster
Laura Burke


Selective Few Clothing
Candor Arts
Elementos Jewellery
Just One Vintage
All Original by Aisha Oxley
2:AM Label
Jane Georges
Reformed School - Chicago
Nomadic Breed
Briana Janee' Arts

Fashion show by: Sal So Groovy & Elly Jimenez

This event is sponsored by the Chicago Park District's Night Out in the Parks and is free and open to the public.

Sound by Free Write Sound & Vision

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2:00 PM14:00


We are excited to share the work made over the past two years of collaborations and welcome you to spend time with them, us, and celebrate a little bit.

Candor Arts is indeed growing older and a little bigger, as we have recently moved into a new studio! We will continue to provide our same publishing and production services at our new storefront address: 3306 W North Avenue.

Additionally, we are now able to offer regular open hours for you to come hang out with all of our past projects, as well as our inspiration library every Saturday between 12 PM and 4 PM.

Join us for our anniversary and housewarming party!

Sunday, July 29th, 2018

2 PM to 8 PM


There will be snacks, drinks, and books. 

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Up like a sun, down like a pancake.
to Aug 5

Up like a sun, down like a pancake.


Up like a sun, down like a pancake.

JULY 7 – AUGUST 5, 2018


Opening Reception: Saturday, July 7, 2018, 7-9pm

Open Hours: Fridays, 6-8pm, Saturdays, 12-4pm

In Up like a sun, down like a pancake. Kelly Lloyd presents new work and new collaborations. Up like a sun, down like a pancake seeks to examine the humor and hypocrisy in inevitable physical decay, and presents an alternative to intellectual decay. This part-exhibition part-reading room will expand on Lloyd's interests in generosity, spaces constructed for social engagement, and literature as objects.

Featutring work by:

Emma Kathryn Akins
A\M (Elisabeth Smith + Michael Milano)
Gwyneth Anderson
Kayla Anderson
Warren Andrews
Mary Anne Arntzen
Kateryna Babkina
Lise Haller Baggesen
Dana Bassett
Peter Miles Bergman
Jessica Campbell
Justin Chance
Kittisak Wa Chontong
Kelly Christian
Matthew A. Coleman
Delinda Collier
Angela Conant
Allison Crowley
Markele Cullins
Sharmyn Cruz Rivera
Angharad Davies
Rodolphe Delaunay
Eilidh Duffy
Fionn Duffy
Arièle Dionne Krosnick
Dave Eassa
Nick Ferreira
Fernway Gallery
Fuzzy Muzzle Design
Skye Gilkerson
Suzanne Gold
Allison Gulick

Kara Gut
Peter Haselmayer / Walter Ego
Maximilian Hines
Phaan Howng
Amelia + Dan Jacobs
Lou Joseph
Stevie Hanley
Amelia Hruby
Seth Hunter
Thomas Huston
Jaclyn Jacunski
Dejan Kaludjerović
Yalie Kamara
Terri Kapsalis
Christopher Kardambikis
Em Kettner
Attila Kiss
Davielle Lakind
Eric Lebofsky
Birgit Lettmann
Tony Lewis
Heather Link-Bergman
Mark Lloyd
Laura Mackin
Sophie Mak-Schram
Jesse Malmed
Ryan Mandell
Amanda Roscoe Mayo
Mhor Farr
Ray Ray Mitrano
Didier Morelli
The MorphoTransverse Method ®
Matt Morris
Jessica Gaynelle Moss
Raven Falquez Munsell
Gulsah Mursaloglu
Danny Orendorff
Sabina Ott
Ceylan Öztrük
Giulia Ratti
Daphne Politi
Anne Posten
Aay Preston-Myint
Tom Puschautz
Erika Råberg
Carly Ries
Carrie Rennolds
Pat Reynolds
Margaret Rogers
Greg Ruffing + Brandon Alvendia
Sam Sax
Kyle Schlie
Katie Shlon
Michal Lynn Shumate
A.D. Smith
Sprechgesang Institute
Yuri Stone
Antoinette Suiter + Gregory Fitzsimmons
Danielle Susi
Daniel Tam-Claiborne
Michell Thar
Third Object
Finn Thomson
Triumph Gallery
Trunk Show
David Ubias
Blas Ulibarri
Addie Ulrey
Ulrike Ulrich
Merve Ünsal
Tony Venne
Julia Vogl
Robin Waart
Aaron Walker
Hamza Walker
Erin Washington
Demelza B. Watts
Latham Zearfoss

Kelly Lloyd

Kelly Lloyd is a transdisciplinary conceptual artist who focuses on issues of representation and knowledge production, and prioritizes public-facing collaborative research. Lloyd received a dual M.F.A. in Painting and M.A. in Visual & Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015, and earned a B.A. from Oberlin College in 2008. Recent projects include a solo exhibition at Shane Campbell Gallery, “Fleeting Monuments for the Wall of Respect” for the Museum of Vernacular Art in Chicago, Zürich and Vienna, and inclusion in "Habeas Corpus" at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art. Lloyd performed with Jesse Malmed and ACRE TV at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art in 2016, and her essay "Katie Sokoler Your Construction Paper Tears Can't Hide Your Yayoi Kusama Neurotic Underbelly" is included in The Retro-Futurism of Cuteness (punctum press, October 2017). Lloyd was named one of NEWCITY'S "Breakout Artists of 2015,” was a 2017 Janet & Walter Sondheim Prize Semi-Finalist and attended an artist residency with KulturKontakt Austria this Spring. Lloyd will attend an artist residency in Aarhus, Denmark hosted by the Aarhus Center for Visual Art during the Fall of 2018, and in Chicago hosted by ADDS DONNA during the Winter of 2018/19.

Institute of Contemporary Art Baltimore,

Institute of Contemporary Art, Baltimore is a collaboration of volunteers working to stage contemporary art exhibitions in available spaces in Baltimore. Up like a sun, down like a pancake. is the twenty-fifth exhibition by ICA Baltimore since 2011.

Up like a sun, down like a pancake. is made possible in part by a grant from the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation.

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'A Lick and a Promise' at UnBound7!
to Jul 28

'A Lick and a Promise' at UnBound7!


Candela Gallery is excited to announce UnBound7!, Candela’s annual juried & invitational exhibition. UnBound! features a wide array of photographic techniques from both emerging and established artists, both locally and abroad. We are very proud to bring you a compelling selection of photographic work for the seventh year in a row!


Michael Abramson

Pascal Amoyel

Addison Brown


Susan Burnstine

Kimberly Chiaris

Christopher Colville

Cynthia Connolly

Brian Culbertson

John Cyr

Catherine Day

Jon Feinstein

Gabriel Garcia Roman

Torrance Hall

Frank Hamrick

Rachael Jablo

Michael Jackson

Mark Kelner

Tarrah KrajnaK

Pablo Lerma

Andy Mattern

Noelle Mason

Ruben Natal-San Miguel

David Pace + Stephen Wirtz

Lydia Panas

Rachael Phillips

Diane Pierce

Lissa Rivera

Shane Rocheleau

Wendi Schneider

Jennifer Shaw

Carla Shapiro

Heather Evans Smith

Krista Svalbonas

Rob Tarbell

Athena Tasiopoulos

JP Terlizzi

Martin Wannam

Emily White

Sara J. Winston

Lloyd Wolf

Woody Woodroof

FROM 7 – 11 PM

Candela Gallery will celebrate the summer exhibition by hosting our annual fundraising gala. The proceeds raised will be used to purchase select photographic works from the UnBound7! exhibition. The event allows us to continually build the Candela Collection and generate unique opportunities and exposure for participating artists. Candela’s promise is to eventually donate the collection to a notable art institution.


Event tickets ($50 per person or $90 per couple) are being sold in advance online and at the gallery. Visit our website, stop by the gallery, or call 804 225 5527 for your ticket!
Raffle tickets ($10) will also be available in advance and at the event.

We are always thrilled by the support and overall enthusiasm for the event. This years’ gala will offer libations, eats, and entertainment; including live music from The Sweet Potatoes, mouthwatering back alley fried chicken, adult snow cones, custom ice cream flavor courtesy of Charm School and any other action packed surprise we can come up with before then. Our annual summer party has earned its reputation as a legendary good time. Be there!

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Toronto Art Book Fair
to Jul 8

Toronto Art Book Fair

The Toronto Art Book Fair | TOABF is a free public festival that celebrates and explores artists' books and printed matter. Taking place from July 5-8 at Chinatown Centre Mall (222 Spadina Avenue), TOABF 2018 will feature curated exhibitions, installations, Canadian and international exhibitors, and community programming that includes panel discussions, readings, talks, launches, and workshops.

The Toronto Art Book Fair is dedicated to increasing the visibility, dissemination, appreciation, and understanding of the artists' book and its contemporary manifestations within the visual arts field in Toronto and abroad. Independent artistic print culture has a rich narrative in Canadian art history, and is an often overlooked aspect of Canadian cultural identity. The goal of TOABF is to highlight these personal and collective stories, and elevate the artistic integrity of artists’ books by presenting artists’ books, multiples, and printed matter to a wide audience. The ongoing vision for TOABF is to represent the diversity of cultural production and creative expression. 

Fair Hours

Thursday, July 5 6-8pm

Friday, July 6 12-8pm

Saturday, July 7 12-8pm

Sunday, July 8 12-6pm

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Maren Celest - Book Release + Concert
to Jul 1

Maren Celest - Book Release + Concert

Candor Arts is very excited to announce the publication and vinyl LP of I Saw the Sun by Maren Celest.


I Saw the Sun is an invitation to explore a sure-footedness that is paradoxically rooted in the recognition of the precariousness of life. It looks to distill empathy, awe, urgency and gratitude from the wild desires, fears, and limited time we share together.

This book and album are meant to perform publicly a private confrontation and catharsis of fear, sometimes powerfully, sometimes on its hands and knees—in hope of seeing seductive mystery in the unknown, and to turn fear into a tool.

The words offered have been carefully shaped like knives—sharpened by humor and tempered by the urgency of mortality, with the sharpest ones brought to you in a soft melodic sheath… tools not for violence, but to cut away disillusionment and the unnecessary.

On days one needs to cut loose, it hopes to be a book of pocket knives. And, in a more substantial moment,  “A long curved blade in the hand of a sweetheart”.

...Or, at least, a good swift kick in the butt from a friend that wants to see you be true.


Maren Celest, direct result of a moment of passion on February 2nd, 1987. Born October 29, night 'fore devil's night. That may or may not mean a thing. She is a storyteller that employs a broad skill set; vocal work, musical composition, all kinds of visual design, and writing. She has shown her photography and short films internationally, and collaborates with many amazing musicians in Chicago to create visuals on their behalf. She performs live digital foley (sound effects), vocals, narration and some instrumentation for Manual Cinema, a performance collective, design studio, and film/video production company that combines handmade shadow puppetry, cinematic techniques, and innovative sound and music to create immersive visual stories for stage and screen. She created and runs Law of Ice, a vintage shop focused on gender-neutral clothing. She has previously released two albums and an EP with the band PhotographersI Saw the Sun will be her first official LP and vinyl record as a solo songwriter/composer, though her tracks have had lovely collaboration added by some of her favorite musicians.

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Philadelphia Art Book Fair
to Jun 3

Philadelphia Art Book Fair

Presented by Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, the Philadelphia Art Book Fair is a two-day event, which showcases a wide range of exhibitors, from large and small photography and art book publishers to individual artists and institutions, local, national and international.

Entrance to the Philadelphia Art Book Fair is free, open to the public and fully accessible.

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Book Release - falling is the one thing i by Korde Arrington Tuttle
6:00 PM18:00

Book Release - falling is the one thing i by Korde Arrington Tuttle

  • RSVP Required - Please e-mail (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Candor Arts is thrilled to announce the publication falling is the one thing i by multidisciplinary artist Korde Arrington Tuttle.

Please join us for a private gathering to celebrate the author and his release of this beautiful book. 

To RSVP and receive additional event details, please send the following:

  1. E-mail with "falling is the one thing i" in the subject
  2. Let us know how many people will be joining you. 
  3. If you'd like to reserve your copy of the book and pick it up at the event, please purchase through our shop or click the product link below and select pick up at book release event in the shipping options. 


Placing haiku and photography in conversation with one another, falling is the one thing i is a cumulative, seventeen-syllable exercise in surrender; an active practice of yielding to physical, emotional, and psychological environments. Spanning 2015-2017, it is comprised of poems and images, ranging in subject from the follies of institutional oppression to love in the afterlife, through a black, queer intersectional lens. This collection is an intimate inquiry into the body, dreamscapes, and the aesthetic force of sidewalk stains.


Korde Arrington Tuttle is a multi-disciplinary artist hailing from Charlotte, NC. With a primary focus in theatre and performance, his work has been developed and seen at the Obie Award-winning The Fire This Time Festival, The 24-Hour Plays: Nationals, the Obie Award-winning Harlem 9’s 48 Hours… in Harlem at The National Black Theatre, HomeBase Theatre Collective, The Movement Theater Company, Active Culture at JACK, The Each-Other Project, OnQ Productions, The New School’s 2015 AfroFuturism Conference, and The Tenth Magazine, in collaboration with the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art. Korde is a proud recipient of the Steinberg Playwriting Fellowship, and was selected a finalist for both the 2017 Alliance/Kendeda National Graduate Playwriting Contest and City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting Contest. In 2016, his play clarity won the 41st Annual Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival, and will appear in Samuel French’s successive anthology. Korde’s plays + poetry have also been published by Harlem 9’s 48 Hours… in Harlem, The Fire This Time Festival, and The Tenth Magazine. Korde is a Middle Voice Theatre Company member at Rattlestick Playwright’s Theater and received his MFA in Playwriting at The New School.

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'Anthology 2014-2016' Chicago Reception
7:00 PM19:00

'Anthology 2014-2016' Chicago Reception

Please join us for a cocktail reception on April 13, 2018 to celebrate the release of Anthology 2014-2016 by Tony Lewis. 

Anthology 2014-2016 is a collection of thirty-four poems written by Tony Lewis between 2014 and 2016, and was produced on the occasion of an exhibition Anthology 2014-2016, a corresponding group of thirty-four collages at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C. in the Spring of 2018. It also marks the conceptual completion of the collages that are themselves a collection of smaller text drawings culled from the pages of Calvin and Hobbes, a comic strip by Bill Watterson. Each collage was part of the writing process, and represents a tangible commitment to the words that make each poem. The publication is the liberation of original writing, and a personal commitment to understanding the relationship between drawing, collage, and writing.


Tony Lewis (1986, L.A.), currently lives and works in Chicago. Solo exhibitions of his work have been recently held at the Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago; Massimo de Carlo, London; Blum and Poe, Los Angeles; Museo Marino Marini, Florence; and Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland. He has participated in recent group exhibitions at Boston University Art Galleries; Aspen Art Museum; HOME Manchester, UK; LAXART, Los Angeles; Studio Museum Harlem, New York, and Bowdoin College Museum of Art in Maine. He is the recipient of the 2017-2018 Ruth Ann and Nathan Perlmutter Artist-in-Residence Award at the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University, where his work is on view in a site-specific project through June 2018, and his work is currently on view in the solo exhibition Anthology 2014-2016 at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC.

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Black Portraiture[s]: Cecil McDonald, Jr. — Representing the Photograph
10:45 AM10:45

Black Portraiture[s]: Cecil McDonald, Jr. — Representing the Photograph

  • Faculty Club Library, Harvard University (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Black Portraitures IV: The Color of Silence will take place fifteen years after we convened an initial colloquium at Harvard on African American art. Then, we were interested in formalizing a discipline. Now, that discipline is thriving, and that first colloquium has grown over the years into the international conference series, Black Portraitures, attracting hundreds of scholars, artists, and activists from around the world. We look forward to reconvening in Cambridge to continue the conversation.

Please note: Registration is free and open to the public, but seating at each event will be on a first come/first served basis. A detailed schedule of events will be made available soon.
Click here to register to attend Black Portraiture[s] IV in Cambridge!


Moderator: MAKEDA BEST, Harvard University, Harvard Art Museum

Portrait Photography Beyond Representation

Co-presentation: ELLIOTT JEROME BROWN, (photographer) & KEARRA AMAYA GOPEE, (photographer)

Black Bodies and Documentary Portraiture Authorship: “Hoodied Up!


In the Company of Black

CECIL MCDONALD, JR., Columbia College Chicago

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