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Candor Arts offers design, consultation and production services to complete any amount of your project. Project prices vary based on project and can be quoted through a quote request form.

Please submit the following form to receive a quote. 

helpful notes about commissioning a project with us:

  • Design consultations are available at $75/hour or in flat rates for large projects.

  • Project can be designed by outside designers chosen by customer or with Candor Arts. If the files given to us are unusable, customer will be charged $75/hr of design work to make them usable for us to complete your project.

  • Project is considered to be self-published by artist/organization and does not need to carry Candor branding.

  • After project is made, project is delivered in full and sales are entirely made by customer.

  • We offer a 15% discount on all production services for currently enrolled students.

  • 100% of Production Costs paid by customer—50% deposit to begin work, 50% to pick up.