HOW TO MAKE A HOOD [artist book]

HOW TO MAKE A HOOD [artist book]


by La Keisha Leek

Published by Candor Arts

Designed by Matt Austin.

Hand-made limited first edition of 50 copies.

First Edition is SOLD OUT.

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4.5" wide x 6" tall. 112 pages. De-bossed hardcover.



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This is an extensive catalogue for the exhibition "How to Make A Hood," curated by La Keisha Leek. The book includes artwork, conversations, and essays around the focus of the exhibition.

How to Make A Hood unfolds a wide canon of stereotypes that foster misconceptions as they relate to black bodies and their environments. The artists in this exhibition produce works that explore the multi-faceted characteristics of the word ‘hood’ in some fashion: a slang term for a black neighborhood; a suffix in cultural theory concepts like 'objecthood,' 'personhood,' 'negrohood;' and Trayvon Martin's hoodie, which, along with his being an objectified young black male, served as a signifier in an act of radical injustice.

Learn more about the "How to Make A Hood" exhibition here.

The First Edition is SOLD OUT.

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