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On De, words from the author:

de, which is Spanish for “of” or “from” is an ongoing body of photographic work that explores my family’s identity in the United States as it grows into a second generation of citizens. Predominantly settled in the Midwest, my family has grown to over 100 individuals, many of whom I have yet to meet, spanning a diverse socioeconomic spectrum with varying degrees of assimilation. In 2009, inspired by the myriad of oral histories, I began to document the members of my family and re-imagine narratives of transition as a way to better understand the social implications of our Mexican-American identity. Veiled in new traditions and sometimes accompanied by thick accents, my family’s brief history in the United States has allowed for me to witness a cultural shift that I believe is unique to the rural Midwestern Mexican immigrant experience.  

The very first set of 3 books that were created in 2012 have been exhibited at various book fairs and exhibitions. Two are in exhibition circulation and one has been purchased by the School of the Art Institute's Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection.