Featured Project: Gypsy Yoga Journals / by Candor Arts


Gypsy Yoga Journals

Designed by Karla Huffman, Produced by Candor Arts


We recently got the opportunity to work with Karla Huffman of Gypsy Yoga on an edition of hardbound journals for a yoga retreat she hosted in Costa Rica. Karla was kind enough to share some of her thoughts behind the journals and her work with Gypsy Yoga.

 Karla Huffman of  Gypsy Yoga

Karla Huffman of Gypsy Yoga

Tell us a little bit about Gypsy Yoga. What inspired the name? 

A gypsy to me is a wanderer that sole job is to create, share, and move to the next environment.

 Adapting to my environment, sharing knowledge while creating my dream is where the name and symbol of the dreamcatcher all comes together.

Gypsy Yoga basically defines my teacher lifestyle.  I teach all over the city of Chicago and what I notice is how much my teaching style changes with each group of folks I teach. I work with various communities that sometimes merge together from completely different parts of the Chicago spectrum and that makes my heart explode.  

To see people from different aspects of life to come together, practice yoga, and just connect is the physical make up of Gypsy Yoga.  

I view myself as a gypsy in the yoga community and also view students in my class as gypsy who come to their mat for answers, providing teaching, and sharing their views and dreams.  

When designing these journals, what influenced your decisions about color and feel? What did you want for the owners of these journals?

Creating these journals was about keeping it open, warm, and accessible. The red color of the journals is referring to the root chakra (muladhara)—the place where you hold your sense of security and safety on this earthly journey of life. This chakra is the foundation of you: ego, passions, and beginnings of you. That gut feeling really comes from this chakra...the thing that affects your first response.

With that being said, I want the owners of the journals to feel stability when they write down their passions, talk about their ego and how to merge the two together. I promise something will come from it...WATCH!!

There are a couple of questions in the journals to help lead the owners to a comfortable conversation with self. There is no attachment to write in them everyday, nor weekly, but it does have a little mystery to them that makes the Gypsy yogi/ni wanna come back for a little resolution.

You included a number of mantras, how do these fit into your larger practice as a yogi and teacher?

My mantras are the foundation, base, and beginning of all my classes. Before I start writing a sequence, I work with a couple of words and form a sentence. From that I break it down to a few words that can create a mantra...a simple saying that can be repeated during class as we practice to remembering off the mat.  

These words, sentences, and then finally mantras come from my life.  How I'm feeling, seeing, or what I'm physically dealing with. I think it is best to teach what you know physically and speak to what's going on in your surroundings.  It's therapeutic for me and, from what I have noticed, also for the students in class.

What is your next big project for Gypsy Yoga?

Creating another yoga retreat with a focus on sharing our passion projects with each other and creating steps to start the foundation. With the help of journaling, planning, and practicing in our body.

And there might be a collaboration up some sleeves between Candor Arts and Gypsy Yoga, soooo I have a couple of projects with a little direction. 

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