2018 Reading Residency Jury Announced / by Candor Arts


2018 reading residency

Panel of Jurors


Kendra Curry-Khanna

(Chicago, IL) — Executive Director at 826CHI

Sam Bailey

(Chicago, IL / Los Angeles, CA) — Director, Writer, and Digital Art Director of VAM Studio


(Los Angeles, CA) — Artist

Toby Causby

(Chicago, IL) — Learning & Development Consultant 

Katie Chung

(Chicago, IL) — Artist

Teresa Carlesimo

(Kingston, Ontario) — artist, writer, scholar

Jeffrey Michael Austin

(Chicago, IL) — Artist and musician

Oriana Koren

(Los Angeles, CA) — Photographer-Writer

Iris Yirei hu

(Los Angeles, CA) — Artist

La Keisha Leek

(Brooklyn, NY) — independent exhibition organizer and writer; Manager, Kenan Project at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, creator of How to Make A Hood (Candor Arts, August 2015)

Cecil McDonald, Jr.

(Chicago, IL) — Artist and educator, author of In the Company of Black (Candor Arts, April 2017)

Suzan Geldhoff, MA

(Rotterdam, Netherlands) — visual arts professional specialized in photography

Vivian Sming

(San Francisco, CA) — Artist, Writer, Editor in Chief of Art Practical, Founding Editor of Nonsensical, Founder & Publisher of Sming Sming Books

Conor Dowdle

(Minneapolis, MN) — Artist, and Co-Director of Yeah Maybe 

Kate Bowen 

(Chicago, IL) — Artist, Organizer, Director of ACRE Projects and Video Programming Coordinator at the Museum of Contemporary Photography 

A-lan Holt

(Bay Area, CA) — Playwright, Filmmaker, Associate Director at IDA Stanford, author of Moonwork (Candor Arts, June 2016)

Chinwe Okona

(Los Angeles, CA) — Artist, Writer, Creator of PALMSS Mag

Melanie Teresa Bohrer

(Munich, Germany / Chicago, IL) — Artist 

Erin Hoyt

(Chicago, IL) — Director of Operations at Filter Photo

Christian Ortiz

(Chicago, IL) — Artist, educator, and Senior Manager of Studio Programs at Marwen

Lauren M. Pacheco 

(Chicago, IL / Gary, IN) — Arts Administrator, Community Organizer, and Co-Founder of Chicago Lowrider Festival and Chicago Urban Art Society

Matthew Anderson

(Los Angeles, CA) — Artist and Filmmaker, creator of Deviant Proposals: an anti-binary journal (Candor Arts, April 2018)

Sara J. Winston

(Peekskill, NY) — Artist, author of A Lick and a Promise (Candor Arts, September 2017)

David Bell

(Los Angeles, CA) — Artist and Director of Visitor Welcome Center, author of Bye Bye Broadway (Candor Arts, August 2016)