Interview with La Keisha Leek on Strange Fire Collective / by Candor Arts

"The best way for me to consider the real complexity of the Black experience required me to open up this word as far as a possibly could. I couldn’t consider Trayvon without considering all Black boys. I couldn’t consider a Black boy without considering his environment or his mother. I couldn’t consider pain without also considering a Black woman’s supernatural ability to overcome, to connect, and to thrill. I couldn’t consider a reimagined reality without consideration of where we are today, and where we were almost 4 years ago when I mounted this exhibition."

— La Keisha Leek


This week La Keisha Leek was interviewed by Zora Murff on Strange Fire Collective about her exhibition and publication How to Make A Hood

Check out this thoughtful conversation that gives a thorough background of the development and ongoing life of La Keisha's project, #HtMAH. 

Q&A: La Keisha Leek