Candor Trust: Issue One | Victor Yañez-Lazcano / by Candor Arts

We are thrilled to announce our first issue of the Candor Trust Editions:

today I thought of you (a songbook)

by Victor Yañez-Lazcano


We invited Victor to have some fun and create anything he wanted in an afternoon of creative thinking/art-making, with the understanding that we could then translate his concepts into an editioned work that would be sent out to six long-time supporters of Candor Arts.


Intended to be listened to over the course of 16 days, he put together a gift for these six people: a songbook of 16 videos, beginning with this one introducing the project below:

In an included letter written to the recipient, Victor writes:

This first gift idea, today I thought of you (a songbook), came to mind shortly after my Fall quarter studies ended at Stanford, where I am currently pursuing my MFA in studio arts. Over the last year and a half a good majority of my artwork has taken up sound as an integral component of my practice. As such, for this piece I thought it would be wonderful to create a sound book that asked you, the listener, to shift the way in which actively and intentionally engage with a book. Furthermore, given the its length in “pages,” I thought I would push against the desire to rush through and encourage to you pace yourself in your “reading” of this book. As you navigate through this seemingly silent book, I’d like to invite you to simply “read” along once per day at whatever time of day you’d like. But just one card per day, until the book has come to an end. Of course, whatever pace you decide to choose is totally fine with me. I’ll never really know and I’m okay with that. 

The piece is a small clamshell box, foil stamped on the cover with today I thought of you written in Victor's handwriting. Inside are two matching trays that hold a sewn booklet containing Victor's letter to the recipient and 16 cards with video links on them (a songbook), both of which are designed with a traditional loteria pattern. The blues were chosen to stay consistent with Victor's ongoing work: The Sky is Falling.

There are six in existence, available only through the Candor Trust Editions program. 

Candor Trust Editions is a unique special edition subscription program created to:

1. Express gratitude for those supporting our work with generous financial contributions.
2. Strengthen our internal efforts by dedicating this project's funds to supporting our staff.

Each Candor Trust contributor receives surprise shipments of unique special editions

several times throughout the year, at a frequency based on their subscription choice.

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