Recently In the Studio: Green Zones with Jenny Kendler

Recently, we've had the pleasure of working in collaboration with artist Jenny Kendler and The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) on GREEN ZONES, a multi-faceted community project headed by Jenny Kendler aimed to share and protect the unique tropical dry forests found in Nosara, Costa Rica. The NRDC is an organization that works to safeguard the earth - its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends.

Jenny Kendler on GREEN ZONES

As Artist in Residence with non-profit NRDC, I was asked to create a project inspired by this unique ecosystem. Generously supported by the Pacific Foundation, two research trips in the rainy season of 2015 and dry season of 2016 immersed me in this region’s globally rare tropical dry forests. Unlike the vanished jungles of nearby towns, these forests which are known colloquially as the Zonas Verdes or Green Zones, had been spared through lucky circumstance. Without the federal protection provided to the nearby Ostional Wildlife Reserve, a diligent community group called the Nosara Civic Association, has managed to defend these lands—and the old-growth trees and multitude of species they contain—from the pressures of development for 40 years.
To encourage more people to intimately experience these special forests, as a way to create understanding and care, myself and my collaborators organized a series of free walks led by mindfulness professionals and conservation biologists. During these walks, community members were asked to make a photograph—using their camera to re-sensitize rather than dull their vision. Alongside a poem written for the book by Dave Snyder, the community’s photographs were compiled into this handmade artist book, entitled GREEN ZONES: Moments of Wonder in the Forests of Nosara, co-designed and published by Matt Austin of Candor Arts.
Created in accordance with the underlying ethos of the project, these bilingual books were printed with an eco-friendly inking process on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, include hand debossed, foil-stamped and letterpressed elements—and were handbound in the Candor Arts studio in Chicago.

The book exists in 3 editions: a softcover, hardcover and clamshell collector's edition. 

Profits from the book support the Nosara Civic Association’s work to protect the Green Zones into the future for humans and non-humans alike.

The first edition of this book was produced in a paperback edition of 250 copies that were delivered to the Nosara Civic Association, the sales of which went entirely to supporting their efforts. 

4 x 7.25 x .5 in. - 160 pages

We also produced in hardcover edition of 50 copies that include letterpressed bookmarks printed by April Sheridan and translucent holographic foil stamped covers. This edition is available in our shop, half of the proceeds help support the Nosara Civic Association. 

Lastly, we produced a special collector's edition of 5 custom clamshell boxes that fit the hardcover artist book, a letterpressed card printed by April Sheridan, and a unique sculptural eyeglass piece by Jenny Kendler. This special edition is available in our shop, and half of the proceeds help support the Nosara Civic Association. 

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