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While nothing lasts,
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Essay by Oriana Koren


ISBN 978-1-950615-99-5

Releasing at Visitor Welcome Center in Los Angeles on July 27 2019.

9.5" x 12.75" x .625", 120 pages, photographs and text printed on a HP Indigo 12000 HD.

Japanese silk cloth covers, foil stamped on front and spine, tipped in print on back.

Printed and bound in Chicago. 

Cased and foil stamped at Candor Arts.

Special Edition of 10 (coming soon) designed by Matt Austin and Hannah Batsel.

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WORDS FROM THE AUTHOR ON While nothing lasts,:

While nothing lasts, is a collection of intimate and sometimes intrusive photographs of my very close friends and family. This project started four years ago at a party, when I made a picture of my friend crying after she told me she wanted to break up with her boyfriend. After that night, I felt compelled to document every moment of my friends' and family's lives—the good and the bad. I wanted to do this to better understand how we collectively cope with life, love, heartbreak and death. Since this project began, I have seen friendships come and go, been witness to pursuits of love, moments of intimacy, joy, and self-reflection, seen rejected inhibitions, consequences of actions, loved ones facing their own mortality while lying in hospital beds. These moments have been lessons in how nothing really lasts, helping me to embrace life as it is. Throughout these experiences, I have found life to have a tendency to be beautiful.

Edward Cushenberry, author of  While nothing lasts,  — Image Credit: Hiroshi Clark

Edward Cushenberry, author of While nothing lasts, — Image Credit: Hiroshi Clark


Edward Cushenberry is a multidisciplinary artist who was born and raised in Orange County, CA. He now lives and works in Los Angeles, where he splits his time between photographing those who are close to him and drawing everything else that's going on in his world.

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