We partner with organizations whose work aligns with our ethics in publishing to further the dialogues and widen the reach of the work made by our published authors.


PATRON is a contemporary art gallery in Chicago founded in collaboration by Julia Fischbach and Emanuel Aguilar. PATRON is founded on the defining characteristics of a patron of the arts, that is, a person chosen, named or honored as a special guardian, protector or supporter. With this foundation set as a cornerstone, the gallery hopes to open new and traditional avenues of helping audiences of patrons from all walks of life engage and find access to contemporary art.

This partnership involves a series of limited edition artist books by the PATRON artist roster. Each unique edition will serve as an opportunity for the artists to expand and develop on their distinctive practices through the intimate and powerful platform of the hand held object. The kick off for this collaboration began with an edition by Chicago based artist Bethany Collins, which launched during EXPO Chicago in 2017. The next piece will be made with Mika Horibuchi, releasing in early 2019.


Formed in 2017, Sming Sming Books is an artist-run publishing studio based in the San Francisco Bay Area, producing a wide range of artists' books, zines, and editions. Each book is developed out of close conversation and collaboration with artists and writers whose work and ideas inform the book's design, materials, and printing choices. At its core, Sming Sming Books is committed to promoting critical discourse and advancing cultural equity through the format of publishing. 

In addition to its publications, Sming Sming Books offers editorial and design services on a sliding scale. We have worked with artists, writers, and curators on multiple books and exhibition catalogues, and work with range of local printers in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Los Angeles to meet the needs of each project. We are here as a resource for independent publishing, and are open to discussions or questions through our Office Hours program.

With shared aims of creating a sustainable and equitable model for supporting artists through publishing, Sming Sming Books and Candor Arts are establishing an ongoing partnership to produce artists books that drive both their missions. Candor Arts's high level of detail and craft in creating handmade books will be joined by Sming Sming Books's conceptual and experimental approach to design.

The first book produced under this partnership was White Gaze by Michelle Dizon and Việt Lê, released in February 2018. White Gaze is a series of works by artist and filmmaker Michelle Dizon that uses an archive of National Geographic magazines to unearth a genealogy of racist visuality within imperialist narratives. The book includes accompanied text by Việt Lê, who uses Dizon’s work as a starting point for a poetic exploration of the legacies of war.


Naranja is a Chilean publisher and bookstore dedicated to the creation, commercialization and distribution of artist books, object books and experimental publications. Naranja is composed by Sebastián Arancibia, architect, and Sebastián Barrante, photographer artist. They understand the book as a cultural medium where content and object are in communion with what the author wants to convey. Their catalog is made up of Chilean and foreign artists who explore the formal possibilities of the book.