Reading Residency


The Reading Residency is a juried program designed specifically for agents of social change to dedicate a full weekend to themselves: to reading and self-care.

The Winner of each residency receives free housing and amenities on site, in addition to a small stipend for food and reading material.

Applicants that receive an Honorable Mention will have a book of their choice purchased and shipped to them as a gift.

Since 2017, there has been one Reading Residency per year—a nourishing weekend scheduled by the winning resident, based in Chicago.

In 2019, there will be TWO RESIDENCY WINNERS: one for a residency based in Chicago, IL and another for a residency in Valencia, Spain, in partnership with our collaborators at The Liminal.

(Más detalles en Español en la parte inferior de esta página).



To Apply

Please read all of the details affiliated with this residency on this page to best educate yourself on what you are applying for.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions if you have them.

Fill out the application form linked at the bottom of this page.

The application for each individual residency has a fee of $7.00.

For your application to be considered by both juries, the fee is $10.00.


  • $150 / 130€ stipend for reading material, food + drink.

  • Available Spirits

  • Tea + Coffee

  • Light Breakfast + Snacks

  • Access to Candor Arts / The Liminal Library

  • Heat

  • NO Internet access

  • NO Television

  • NO Computer

Each resident will receive a gift bag of a few    Candor publications and products    in a    STILL LEARNING tote   .

Each resident will receive a gift bag of a few Candor publications and products in a STILL LEARNING tote.

EXPECTATIONS of the winning residents

  • The residency is entirely spent taking care of yourself, through reading and/or relaxing.

  • Stay from Friday evening to Monday morning.

  • Arrange transportation to arrive + depart on time (please inquire if you need extra details for neighborhood travel—please understand that the site addresses will only be given to the winners)

  • A short written reflection on your experience.


The judging panels will base their scoring on:

  • Candidate's working relationship to social progress.

  • What will be read at this residency and why.

  • Applicant's essay about why this residency is appropriate and timely for the candidate.

Words from the PAST RESIDENTS:


“I'm a very spiritual person and so there was a real cosmic alignment that happened when I arrived at the residency. My four days in Chicago were truly a welcome breath of fresh air, as so many of the reasons I came and so many of the things that happened came crashing together. First and foremost I applied to the residency because my Great Grandfather was a member of the Borinqueneers, an all-Puerto Rican military battalion who fought during the Korean War. As a member of this battalion, he was made a prisoner of war in Korea, and never heard from again. I had to connect the dots of his story and so I set out to read a very dense book of history entitled "Honor and Fidelity: The 65th Infantry in Korea, 1950-1953 - U.S. Army in the Korean War" by Gilberto N. Villahermosa. I don't think I ever would have had the uninterrupted time needed to comb through it if not for this residency. I was able to bring my great grandfather's unredacted military records along with me and so I made a timeline of his tour through North and South Korea as I read, laying the ground work for a chapbook of poems I seek to write about him in the coming year. 

While I did this work inside, I would take breaks to explore outside the residency, in the historic Puerto Rican neighborhood of Humboldt Park. What a beautiful movement of the universe to place me in this Puerto Rican mecca as I reflected and read about my Great Grandfather’s journey from Puerto Rico to Korea. I walked up and down Division Street just taking it all in and this in fact enhanced my reading of the history of the Korean War believe it or not. I do not believe in coincidences, and so it was only right that my work and my surroundings were in constant conversation.

This residency came right on time and proved to me the power of reading as not just an individual endeavor but a foundation for knowledge with which to engage with the broader world. I recommend this experience to anyone who needs a break from their day to day hustle and savors the peace of reading a fresh book in a new and beautiful space. Muchísima gracias!

Noel Quiñones, 2018 Reading Residency Winner


"When I arrived at the residency space that was to be my home for the weekend, I felt a sense of excitement as I took in the warm and cozy surroundings. The book that I had picked to read for the weekend was No More Heroes: Grassroots Challenges to the Savior Mentality by Jordan Flaherty. It had been on my list to read for a while, because the issues the book addresses are important and relatable to the work I engage in. The main thesis of the book is that when it comes to grassroots social justice work, our mindset shouldn’t be that we are saving people and that our education and privilege means we should be in charge of organizations and projects. We should follow the lead of those most impacted by oppression and center the needs of the most marginalized.

Throughout the weekend, I was able to reflect on how these ideas show up in my own work and reading No More Heroes was a great reminder to myself to constantly check-in about my own practices and mindset. In addition to reading No More Heroes, I had the opportunity to begin reading We Gon’ Be Alright: Notes on Race and Resegregation by Jeff Chang, which was available in the residency’s amazing library.

I would highly recommend applying for the Candor Arts reading residency. It is a great opportunity to take some time away from our busy lives to devote to reading, resting, self-care and reflection. The reading residency is a great way to recharge yourself and prepare to continue your work with a renewed sense of purpose, energy, and passion."

Tasasha Henderson, 2017 Reading Residency Winner

2017 Winner Announcement

2018 Winner Announcement

2018 Suggested Reading List



Convocatoria diseñada especialmente para individuxs que apuesten por un cambio social profundo y que quieran dedicar un fin de semana completo a sí mismxs: para leer y cultivar su bienestar.

El/la lector/a seleccionadx recibirá alojamiento situado en el barrio del Jardín Botánico de Valencia con todas las comodidades, además de una pequeña paga para dietas y material de lectura (que especificamos más adelante en esta misma ficha informativa).

Lanzamos una residencia por año en Chicago y otra en Valencia (España). Nuestro objetivo es hacer crecer juntos este proyecto hacia la consolidación de una red de múltiples residencias para lectorxs en diferentes ciudades y países.

La tasa de solicitud es de 5 euros.


  • Cobertura de gastos a través de una única paga de 135 euros

  • Bebidas (no alcohólicas)

  • Café y té

  • Desayuno ligero continental y snacks

  • Acceso completo a la biblioteca de The Liminal y libre consulta de nuestros libros de artista

  • Alojamiento y local climatizados con bomba de aire frío/calor

  • Aunque en caso de emergencia contamos con teléfono y conexión Wi-Fi y por cable, nuestra política de residencia te propone, para que puedas concentrar toda tu energía en la lectura, el NO utilizar internet en tu dispositivo móvil, televisión ni ordenador

Cada artista residente recibirá un pack regalo con un fanzine editado por The Liminal en una de nuestras LIMINAL TOTES.


  • La residencia es un espacio dedicado exclusivamente a cuidar de ti mismx: a través de la lectura y el relax

  • Estancia completa: desde el viernes por la tarde hasta el lunes por la mañana

  • Reserva de tu transporte de ida y vuelta con anticipación

    • [La residencia se ubica en el barrio del Botànic/Petxina en la ciudad de València. La dirección completa será revelada sólo a lxs lectorxs seleccionadxs]

  • Un breve reflexión por escrito de tu experiencia con nosotrxs

  • Una breve encuesta sobre qué mejorarías o cambiarías de tu residencia con nosotrxs


El comité de selección basará su decisión en:

  • La relación efectiva del/a candidatx con el progreso social

  • El libro elegido y el porqué

  • El formulario de solicitud justificando por qué nuestra residencia de lectura es apropiada en concepto y tiempo para el/la candidatx